Bonita Lakes - Architectural Control Committee

Management Team will not mail or fax forms.

 Forms may be obtained in person at the management office if you are having trouble printing. Visit the office from 8am to 6pm.

Download ACC Application (WORD)

Download ACC Application (PDF)

Download Guidelines & Fact Sheet  for ACC applications (WORD)

Download Guidelines & Fact Sheet  for ACC applications (PDF)

Download Bonita Lakes Violation Protocol (PDF)

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Making changes or additions to your home or yard

Anything that you wish to install, change or place on the exterior of your home including but not limited to: structural additions, security lights, landscaping lights, satellite antennas, paver patios, patio slabs, hurricane shutters/panels, screen enclosures, docks, landscaping, trees, removal/replacement of landscaping or trees, awnings, decorator items of any kind, painting (including repainting the same color), staining of fences etc. all must be approved in advance by the ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE.  Use the links above to obtain the form required.  In addition to the form, you must submit a copy of your survey showing the location of the planned change.  Forms should be submitted to the ACC via the Management office at least 30 days prior to the planned work.  There is no fee for this application. Drop your application and supporting documents in the drop box at the guard house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Building Permits ?   Yes, they are required (*) in Miami-Dade County for most work you may wish to do on your property.  Please visit the Miami-Dade County web site, and see links below for helpful information.

Miami-Dade County, Building Permits Home Page

Miami-Dade County - Permit Information

Miami-Dade County -  Permit Exemptions  (*)

Miami-Dade County -  Permit Applications Page

Miami-Dade County -  General Forms


If you have received notice of violation, please download the information file to assist you in clearing the violation before fines are assessed or actions are taken against you and your property.

Bonita Lakes Violation Protocol (PDF)   ACC Variance Petition (PDF)

The Management Team patrols the community regularly looking for violations.  Upon determining that a violation exists, you will receive a letter notifying you of the violation.  You should then immediately contact the Management Team and explain how you will remedy the matter, and in what time frame.  The Management Team will re-inspect to insure compliance.  If you do not comply with the violation notice, and a second letter is sent to you, you will be given a reasonable period of time to comply.  If you still fail to comply, your situation will be referred for a violations hearing before the ACC/VIO Committee.  You will be notified in writing, of the date of your hearing.  If you fail to appear, the violation will stand and fines may be imposed up to $100.00 per day for up to 10 days.  If you fail to attend a scheduled hearing and/or ignore or refuse to accept certified mail, you forfeit your ability to negotiate a time frame for compliance and also cause fines to be assessed against your property.

The ACC/VIO process insures a clean, organized, well maintained and uniform community where property values will continue to escalate.  Those persons who violate the rules impact the entire community and must be asked to cooperate and conduct themselves within the restrictions in the By-Laws which they agreed to abide by upon purchase of their home. 

Homeowner Associations are governed by the new Chapter 720 of the Florida Statues, now available online.  FS Chapt 720.PDF