Bonita Lakes Entrance

Association Documents & Rules

The Articles of Incorporation of Bonita Lakes Property Owners Association, Inc., is the source of the authority for the adoption of community rules and regulations by the Board of Directors. Section 7.11, Official Record Page: OR: 18493:3046. The Amended and Restated Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants of Bonita Lakes is the source of the authority of the Board to act on behalf of the corporation as to the adoption of community rules and regulations and standards except where a vote of the membership is specifically required by the documents. Section 26.3, Official Record Page: OR: 18493:3033.

Community & Association Rules & Regulations

  • Bonita Lakes Property Owners Association, Inc. - Official Association Documents (PDF) (Word )
  • Community Rules and Regulations (Revised 2-28-06) (PDF) (Word )
  • Vehicles / Parking Amended Rules & Regulations (Revised 2/5/21) (PDF) (Word )
  • Swimming Pool Rules (PDF) (Word )

Please print a copy of the community rules to add to your Association Documents.

Visitors & Parking

Please be prepared to show identification and state your business and the name of the homeowner you are visiting. Our security staff will contact the homeowner and obtain permission for you to enter and then issue you a 24 hour parking permit which must be displayed on your dashboard. Visitors must park on the homeowners driveway or in guest parking. NO STREET PARKING, PARKING IN THE GRASS OR BLOCKING OF SIDEWALKS OR HYDRANTS.


All contractors, service personnel, gardeners, delivery vehicles and other business invitees, must be a legitimate business and have a Miami-Dade County Occupational License and evidence of insurance in order to conduct business in or through Bonita Lakes. This is for the protection of the Association and all homeowners. Homeowners must not circumvent access controls and allow uninsured/unlicensed individuals on the property. Security Officers are to refuse access to any commercial entity not displaying proper business signage and/or license number and statement of insurance on the vehicle.

Miami-Dade County Animal Related Ordinances

Chapter 5 establishes the laws with regard to ownership of domestic dogs and cats within Dade County. Violators are subject to fine and seizure of the animal. Unpaid fines will result in enforceable liens filed against the property address where the animal law violation occurs. If you are a tenant, this means that your landlord can and will have his property liened because of your infraction of the animal laws in Miami-Dade County. Miami-Dade Police enforce the noise and disturbance ordinances. If you allow your dog to bark, disturbing your neighbors, you can be cited and after 3 such complaints at the same address, you are subject to arrest.

Thanks for being a good neighbor and cleaning up after your pet.