Bonita Lakes Products for Sale

The following community products are available for purchase from the management office, click on the links for a picture of the item.

Secure-key Gate Access Card  (Photo available)

Cards are required for all resident gates.  The card is placed on the card reader and the gate then automatically opens.  Each home was originally granted two gate cards.  If you have recently purchased your home, you should get the original cards from the previous owner.  Replacement cards are available at the management office for a charge of $50.00.

Gate Access "Clicker"    (Photo available)

The clicker is a garage door opener type of remote control which is specially designed and programmed for our gate equipment.  The clicker is pre-programmed for our system and includes the initial batteries which will last about one year.  You may clip the clicker on to the visor in your car.  The clicker is available at the management office for a charge of $50.00.

Pool, tennis court, pedestrian gate keys

The pool and tennis courts are accessed with the same key.  The pedestrian gates are use a separate key.  Each home was granted two of each key.  If you have recently purchased your home, you should obtain the original keys from the previous owner.  Replacement keys are available at the management office for a charge of $5.00 per key.

Community rules, bylaws and regulations

You received (or should have received) a copy of the Association Documents at the closing of the purchase of your home.  If you did not, please contact the former owner for the original copy.  Association Documents, Community Rules & Regulations and forms are available on the website as a download, free of charge. Note that printed copies of the documents are no longer available

Clubhouse rental, fee and deposit:  (Application available in Forms & Downloads)

Clubhouse is available for private parties for a fee of $350.00 payable by check or money order to the Bonita Lakes POA.  There must be a separate check or money order in the amount of $100.00 made payable to "CASH" which is the refundable breakage and cleaning deposit.  Please see the documents for rules applicable to rental of the clubhouse.


WARNING !  Bonita Lakes considers security amongst our primary concerns.  Residents are not permitted to give or loan gate cards, access clickers or keys to any non-resident for any reason. Keys may not be duplicated and are so stamped.  You are responsible to your neighbors for maintaining the security of the premises by not being haphazard with your access control equipment.  All non-permanent-residents are required to pass through the security checkpoint and be identified and recorded.  Any willful circumvention of our security measures will result in fines.  We regret any perceived inconvenience to your employees, friends, grandparents, in-laws, exterminator, landscaper, doctor, lawyer or kid's friends.  Please do not violate the rules by sharing or lending access control equipment.  Thank you.  (The Board).


The management office does not accept cash.  Please make your check or money order payable to Bonita Lakes POA.



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