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Bonita Lakes Emergency Status:

                                             1   CALM - No significant events expected within 7 days.

                                             2   ALERT - Significant events possible within 7 days.

                                             3   WATCH - Significant events possible within 3 days.

                                             4   WARNING - Significant events possible within 24-48 hours.

                                             5   EMERGENCY - Significant events EXPECTED within 24-48 hours.

                                             6   EXTREME - Significant events EXPECTED within 24 hours or less.

If your car was illegally parked and towed away

Contact our towing vendor ACE RECOVERY directly for service, rates, and access times.

Important Security/Safety Phone numbers and Internet sites

Bonita Lakes Guard House Phone:     305-253-5501

Miami - Dade County Police  ~  Kendall Station:     305-279-6929 

Miami - Dade County Police Dispatch/Complaints:     305-476-5423   <------- Use Me First !

State of Florida Department of Law Enforcement:     305-470-5500

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Miami:     305-944-9101

Whitehouse Department of Homeland Security:     202-456-1414

Miami-Dade County "My Neighborhood" site

Florida Registered Sex Offenders Database