Bonita Lakes Services To Homeowners ~Tenants

Obtain all of your Bonita Lakes forms here on the Web Site !  

Management Team will not mail or fax forms.

 Forms may be obtained in person at the management office if you are having trouble printing. Please visit the office weekdays from 8am to 6pm.

Making changes or additions to your home

Anything that you wish to install, change or place on the exterior of your home including but not limited to: security lights, landscaping lights, satellite antennas, paver patios, patio slabs, hurricane shutters/panels, screen enclosures, docks, landscaping, trees, removal of landscaping or trees, awnings, decorator items of any kind, painting (including repainting the same color), staining of fences etc. all must be approved by the ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE.  Click the link to obtain the form required.  In addition to the form, you must submit a copy of your survey showing the location of the planned change.  Forms should be submitted to the ACC via the Management office at least 30 days prior to the planned work.  There is no fee for this application.

Paying Association Dues

The preferred method of paying your dues is by automatic checking account withdrawal or "ACH".  When you give permission for the Association to debit your account, the monies are taken on the date due, and you will never incur a late charge. Click the link to find ACH forms and download them from the web site. Drop your completed form at the drop box at the Security Guard station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Renting the Clubhouse for Private Parties

The Association will permit the clubhouse to be used for private parties hosted by a homeowner.  Rental and cleaning deposit fees are required.  Click the link to find the Clubhouse Rental forms package with all rules and regulations clearly explained.  Your must come to the management office with your forms package and the fees must be paid as stipulated in the forms package.  Please read carefully !

Selling your home

The Association and Management office must be notified in writing of your intent to sell your home, or your intent to vacate and rent the home to a tenant.  You must bring your dues account current before closing, or notify the title company handling the transaction that Bonita Lakes may have outstanding amounts due which must be settled at closing.  The Management office will assist you and provide all necessary forms.  Click the link to find Sales forms package.  Please bring your completed forms to the management office in person for review.

Buying a home in Bonita Lakes

New buyers must come into the Management office and complete our residents questionnaire, vehicle registration, security data form and emergency data.  There is a $100 fee for processing a new resident and establishing the unit file.  This must be paid by check payable to Bonita Lakes POA.  Click the link to find the Purchase forms package.  You must bring the forms package to the management office in person and present photo identification and pay fees by check.

Renting a home in Bonita Lakes

Tenants are subject to all of the same requirements as a new purchaser including providing the Association and Management office with a copy of the lease.  Tenants should obtain from the owner or the Management office ($40.00 fee) a copy of the Association Documents so that they can be familiar with the rules of the community.  Tenants who violate rules or damage property will cause  fines and assessments against the unit owner.  Unit owners are entirely responsible for the conduct, actions and damage to Association premises caused by their tenants. Click the link to obtain the New Tenant forms package. 


Estoppel Certificates

You should apply for an estoppel letter at least 30 days before closing of your sale.  There is a charge of $150.00 for the research and preparation of the letter.  Contact Miami Management Company at 305-378-0130 and ask for the Estoppel Department.

PUD Forms

You should ask your lending institution to submit a PUD Form request at least 10 days in advance of closing.  The PUD Form must be presented in writing with a check in the amount of $100.00 payable to Miami Management, Inc.  Deliver the form together with your check in person to the Management Office, weekdays from 8am. to 6pm.